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What is Risk?

A common misnomer we often hear is, “Isn’t that risky!?!”  Starting a business, investing in the stock market, buying and selling real estate, etc.  What you have to understand is that risk is nothing more than “unknown certainty” or lack of information.  Why is one motivated to fly 20,000 feet in the air on an […]

Are you a better investor than a 9th grader?

PBS did a segment on Damon Williams, a 14 year old who has already learned how to invest and has a net worth over $50k! Social Bookmarking

10% Returns so easy a Caveman can do it!

One of the quick and easiest ways to start investing your money is in the stock market. History shows that over any 20 year period the stock market has outperformed every other asset class. One quick way to jump in the market is to use a long-term investing approach and dollar cost average in the […]

Where is the Stock Market going?

For those of you who are trading this market, these past 6 months are starting to look like that of a Wyckoff Spring. Understand that the psychology of the markets do not change, only the news events, that is why technical analysis works so well. The Big Picture provides a quick overview of the Wyckoff […]

Investing in the Stockmarket is Gambling…or is it?

Do you feel like investing or trading in the stock market is like betting it all on red in Las Vegas? When you hear about people building wealth from the stock market do you pass it off as a lucky streak? Do you think your broker is a crook? Well, I can’t answer that last […]

Citi Stock or McDonalds Double Cheeseburger

People keep asking are stocks cheap. Should I buy these “USED TO BE” great companies at these historical low levels! NO! Citigroup (Public, NYSE:C) closed at $1 dollar today. Many uneducated investors are licking their chops like “man, I get that now and it goes back up to $50 dollars, I’m rich! Even if it […]