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What is Risk?

A common misnomer we often hear is, “Isn’t that risky!?!”  Starting a business, investing in the stock market, buying and selling real estate, etc.  What you have to understand is that risk is nothing more than “unknown certainty” or lack of information.  Why is one motivated to fly 20,000 feet in the air on an […]

Turn Your Idea into Profits!!!

So you have a product or service idea, but you do not know how you can get it to your customer…that is where a business model comes in! What is a business model? The method or process by which a business makes money, or the way a business extracts economic value for its products or […]

MAGIC can Help Your Business…

In an earlier post we suggested that you check out HBO’s new series “How to make it in America” which basically shows the experiences Ben and Cam (the main characters) go through while turning their ideas into a profitable business, specifically, a high end denim (jean) line. How does this relate to MAGIC? I am […]

How to Separate the WINNERS from the losers

Which of the 4 components in a startup business is more important? The Team The Product or Service The Business Model The Market Take your time…you do not have to answer right away. Pretty tough eh?? I know, as a serial entrepreneur and budding venture capitalist I have learned a few things about startups. If […]

Maven IG Profile: Jessica Carter

Name: Jessica Carter Age: 22 Company Name: First-Bite Date Started: March 1, 2009 Maven IG: How long have you wanted to start your own business? I’ve had other ideas for businesses (that still may come later) for a few years now. The blog idea just came about at the beginning of the year. Maven IG: […]

Which Business Entity is Right for You?

OK, so you want to start a business, but you’re not sure about what business entity you should operate your business under. Do not worry, not being sure is a good sign that you know there are pros and cons for each business entity choice. Lets review your options: * Sole Proprietorship – full control […]