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Now Hiring!

Wanted: People willing to undergo specialized training in how to succeed. This program will require rigorous intellectual schooling, intensive introspection geared toward identifying invisible blocks to success that are trapped within you, and then a long behavior-modification process necessary to overcome these inner obstacles. At the same time, you will undergo a daily on-the-job training […]

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Money Is Just An Idea: Latest post

Turn Your Idea into Profits!!!

So you have a product or service idea, but you do not know how you can get it to your customer…that is where a business model comes in! What is a business model? The method or process by which a business makes money, or the way a business extracts economic value for its products or […]

Will Smith on Tavis Smiley

Will Smith gives some insight on where “Go Hard” can get you: Social Bookmarking

Money Is Just An Idea: Latest post

The 7 Things You Need to Help Generate More Income

Ok, let’s be real, no matter how many ideas you have none of them will generate you any income unless you actually act on them. I know you, you’re probably saying of course! But here is the thing; you must have certain characteristics or factors to begin to be successful in whatever you set out […]

Money Is Just An Idea: Latest post

Nike Rebuilds LeBron James Brand

After his highly controversial departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers, many believe that LeBron James brand is not what it used to be. He has lost a lot of his fan base and many believe he made the wrong decision by going to the Miami Heat. Here at “Money Is Just An Idea”, we know that […]

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