Money Making Idea #1: Tutoring Online

Money is just an idea, so here is an idea that can make you money. I am currently working on compiling a comprehensive list of ideas that can generate you an alternative source of income. Below is the first installment of an ongoing list. I came across this article on Wisebread.  Now that you have an idea, you can act on it to generate money. The choice is up to you!

Do you have an area of expertise and a desire for some extra income? Are you good with concepts and do you like to work with students from elementary school to post-graduate levels? If so, you might have an opportunity to make some money on the side (or even full-time) from the comfort of your home.

Online tutoring is a fast-growing industry, enabled by the age of convenience and high-speed internet connections. By scheduling private tutoring sessions online with your students (once a week for example), you and your students can achieve the same results of an in-person tutoring session – except you can both do it from home. No commuting through snowstorms, no appointments missed because of traffic, and environmental expenses of transportation are reduced too (as an added bonus).

You use the following tools during an online tutoring session:
• Instant messaging
• Interactive whiteboard applications
• File sharing
• Chat mechanisms

Although you can work part time or full time as a tutor, most people do it on a part time basis. And although it’s casual work, it can’t be treated casually. You are usually required to be available for your students consistently week to week throughout the school year.
Some of the requirements expected of you include (not all apply, depending on the organization):
• University degree or equivalent Professional designation
• Background checks

If you are intrigued by this career possibility, below is a collection of online tutoring companies that may be a good fit for you. It is by no means an exhaustive list, so (as usual), make sure you do some research before jumping in.
Countries of operation: US & Canada
Topics: English, Math, Science, Social Studies
Required Credentials: University or Professional degree
They will pay for training
Pay is based on hours spent tutoring
Countries of operation: US & UK
Topics: Math, English, Language Arts, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Integrated Science, and others
Required Credentials: Masters degree
Doesn’t pay for training

Class of 1
Topics: Math, Physics, English, Chemistry, Economics, Statistics, Accounts, Finance, Human Resources Management, Corporate Strategy and Marketing Management
Required Experience: Classroom teaching experience in High School/ College/ Graduate/ Post Graduate
Required Credentials: Minimum Post graduate degree in the subject with English Medium education
Countries of operation: US
Topics: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Medical Assisting, Neuroscience, Nursing, Medical Surgery, Pharmacology, Online Writing Lab, Spanish
Required Commitment: Prefer minimum of 9 hours/week
Paid training (10-15 hours)
Topics: Math & Science
I was unable to find any further information about credentials or commitments required.

Sylvan Learning
Countries of Operation: US & Canada
Topics: Wide variety of topics
Sylvan, obviously already a recognized name in the tutoring business, is now operating online too.
This service is simply a portal connecting tutors (in all subject areas) with students. They cover the gambit of live tutoring, as well as email tutoring and live online tutoring.
You pay for membership to be listed as a tutor. They guarantee to send you tutor requests or they’ll extend your membership for free.

If you are looking for teaching experience (or to supplement your existing teaching repertoire), online tutoring may be a way for you to expand your horizons and help a student in the meantime.

Happy tutoring!


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