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What is Financial Freedom?

Since the launch of this blog, many of our readers have been asking what financial freedom is and how to obtain it?  And we do apologize for not explaining it further.  However, we do like the feedback we are getting and if there is anything you would like to see or explained further please leave a comment or send an email to mavenig @  Ok, so now back to financial freedom.  To describe it, financial freedom is the feeling you get if you just earned $100 million dollars.  It is having enough money coming in that you do not have to work.  The decisions and actions you make are not based off of financial reasons.  We want our readers to choose what they do because they WANT to do it and not because they feel as if they HAVE to do it.  We also feel that investment vehicles such as the stock market, real estate, and business ownership help you create wealth beyond your wildest dreams.  So here on MoneyIsJustAnIdea, we ask you to utilize your ideas, follow your dreams, and fortunes will be built.


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