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supplementing your income

One of the first things we learned to do when we decided that we wanted to quit our jobs and become more financially free was to supplement our income. Individually we took our pay and calculated how much each of us made on a daily basis. Then we brainstormed and tried to figure out different ways for us to make that same amount on our own without working. This exercise if very simple and once you make a list, the crucial element is to actually follow through and execute the very ideas you put on paper. Because once you successfully supplement your income once, your confidence in making additional money will grow and you will want to do it all the time. Below we outlined the exercise and gave it the name “Cash Cow”.

Objective: To think of as many different ways to come up with X amount of dollars within a 24 hour period. How to Play: You can do this by yourself but it’s even more fun with a group. One person at a time tells everyone else how he or she would make X amount of dollars within 24 hours without working for wages at their current job or any other job that pays him or her a paycheck. Record his or her idea. Then the next person explains how they would make X amount of dollars within 24 hours WITHOUT saying the same thing that the person(s) before them have stated. Repeat the process until you run out of ideas. Now that everyone has exhausted his or her ideas, review everyone’s answers aloud and discuss how viable it would be to execute each idea.


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  1. Hi guys, I think this is a great idea!! I have already passed your site on to people in my distribution list!!

    Posted by Nesha | January 5, 2009, 11:14 am

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