Hate being Broke!

Alright, so what is the true definition of being broke?  Here at, we Mavens, define being broke as living from check to check no matter your income.  We were broke at one point and we know that the majority of the people reading this blog are broke now.  How did we denounce being broke?  Why are you broke?  The difference is we HATE BEING BROKE here at, while most people find comfort in being broke. Each day we dedicate time and effort to obtaining financial freedom.  Everyone wants to be rich, but few are willing to put in the work to become wealthy. Most people are comfortable with exchanging their time for a wage to fulfill someone else’s goals, but are they willing to work towards their own goals.  The only way you can think of generating more income is by getting a job or hitting the lottery. You are not alone in this thought process because millions of people are making the same choices everyday. So, if you are like us and hate being broke, now is the time for change. is here to serve as a tool to leave the broke life in the past.


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