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We always like to see others turn good ideas into sources of income.  Below is the story of a good friend who turned an idea into money.  Also, visit his website: Marcus Smith

How I Became Interested in Public Speaking

The first time I heard Carl Liebert speak was during a manager’s meeting in April 2006 at The Home Depot Store Support Center.  For the most part the speakers were all dreadful and boring.  One by one they climbed onto the platform to report on their departments performance, goals, and key initiatives.  About 3 speakers into the meeting I was ready to lay on the floor and take my life.

Just as I was loading the gun to blow my brains out the EVP of stores Carl Liebert took the platform. His tone was inviting, his points were engaging, he gestured, he included members of the audience in his presentation, and best of all he woke me up.  I don’t remember much of what Carl spoke about but I was extremely impressed by his ability to engage everyone in the room while speaking about his business unit. As soon as the meeting concluded I asked my manager where I could improve my public speaking skills.  She advised me to join Toastmasters International.

The very next week I attended the Toastmasters meeting.  I’d never seen anything like it. The environment was friendly and people were speaking on topics of their own choosing.  I jumped right in and began to deliver speeches.  Quickly I began to sprint through the first manual.  My first five speeches were in this order (Project Name, Speech Title, Date):

1.      The Ice Breaker, My Name is Marcus Smith, 4/22/2006
2.      Organize Your Speech, Perceptions and Their Consequences, 5/4/2006
3.      Get to the Point, Emotional Intelligence, 6/1/2006
4.      How to Say It, My Dad is My Hero, 7/13/2006
5.      Your Body Speaks, The Joys Of Moving, 8/17/2006

My speech on the Joys of Moving was very fun for me.  That speech came 2 weeks after the worst relocation in my life.  My roommate and I picked the worst possible day to move.  The temperature never dropped below 100 degrees, the U-haul smelled like a dumpster, I broke my 1 year old bed frame, and I did all the heavy lifting (washer, dryer, furniture) because my roommate was 5’6” 125 lbs.  An ear to ear smile graced my mug for the whole speech.  By my estimation it was flawless and all the pieces came together.

Later on that day a veteran member of the club approached me.  She came up to me and congratulated me on a great speech.  As I was about to leave the break room she stopped me and said “They was a VERY good speech.  Have you ever given any thought to speaking as a professional?  I think you’d be very good at it.  Honestly, you’d be great at it”.

As soon as I got home from work that day I began a steady diet of research and action.  I ordered several books on the topic and scoured the internet for information.  As I researched my excitement grew and action followed. I haven’t looked back since.


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  1. Thanks for sharing my story. I appreciate the exposure and look forward to your success.

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