Pizza or ’72 Z28 Camaro

It’s so true, inspiration can come from anywhere; one just needs to be alert. Well inspiration hit me last night from one of the oddest sources…a Papa John’s pizza box! So I went to Papa John’s to pick up my pie and as I was waiting to pay I glance at the box and this is what was written on top:

“In 1984, I love two things – making pizza, and my ’72 Z28 Camaro. One of them had to go. So I sold my prized Camaro to buy restaurant equipment, knocked out a broom closet in the back of my dad’s tavern and began selling pizzas.”

Wow, imagine that…sacrificing your most favorite thing in the world to fund your passion! Now that is what I call investing in yourself and your dream. So, I started to ask myself the question, “What am I willing to sacrifice to follow my passion? Am I willing to give up my free time to do research, read, and complete tasks that will move me closer to completing my ultimate goal? Am I willing to put off buying luxuries to invest in my ideas?” My answer is an emphatic YES!

What are you willing to sacrifice to fund your dream?


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