Now Hiring!

Wanted: People willing to undergo specialized training in how to succeed. This program will require rigorous intellectual schooling, intensive introspection geared toward identifying invisible blocks to success that are trapped within you, and then a long behavior-modification process necessary to overcome these inner obstacles. At the same time, you will undergo a daily on-the-job training program. Requirements for this training program are as follows: intellectual ability, a meaningful amount of capital, and the willingness to immerse your entire self-esteem into the program. It is anticipated that you will lose most, if not all, of your capital and will be forced to rationalize the whole experience to maintain your self-esteem. Although it takes a minimum of two years to reach a moderate level of success, soon after this initial training program the majority of you will drop out because it is too hard, takes too much time, requires too much flexibility, is not well defined and there are not enough concrete rules. Of the few that remain, less than 10 percent of you will enjoy the feeling of exhilaration that goes with completing what you set out to accomplish. Like the artist who only gets better, your newly acquired skill and experience will be just the start of a process that can continue for a lifetime. You will be equipped to succeed at your profession. You will be an entrepreneur.

Editor Note: This ad could apply to virtually any serious profession. It is not meant to convince you not to succeed, rather it is meant to dispel the glamorous illusions that surround being successful.


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