Success Is An Inside Job: Masterminding A Plot For Victory

Our great friend Dr. Anthony Hylick recently did a guest post on Darius Gant’s blog. The article speaks directly to the connection between clearly set goals and success. See below:

Darius Note: This post comes from talented social entrepreneur Dr. Anthony Hylick. Anthony is the founder of e-qubed (pronounced E – Cubed). He has pioneered a movement centered on enlightenment empowerment and encouragement. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: I do not condone illegal activity. I just like the analogy.) In our culture, the term “inside job” typically refers to criminal activities that are only effective because someone on the ‘inside’ of the entity being robbed has helped plan the robbery, providing specific knowledge to the criminals that only someone on the inside would know. The success of the robbery (the external victory) is contingent upon the inside job. Think of it this way, if the outside success is winning a sports championship, the inside job is off-season training and practice throughout the season.

Any and all successes are the result of planned action and timely execution. Before I go any further, let me first provide a definition of success because it is a tricky word to define and has a different meaning for each of us. In its simplest form, success is the achievement of a planned purpose or goal. Whether your intention is to take the trash out or be President, accomplishing the goal is success. Alright, now that that’s out of the way……let’s continue.

How many times have you asked someone what they wanted and their response was ‘I don’t know’? If you’ve had similar experiences to those that I have had, then the answer is ‘Too many times to remember.’ Granted, a lot of these encounters center around where to go eat or what to watch on television, but I think there is a more fundamental problem at hand. We’ve gotten too comfortable as a society with not making decisions. Great example, why are there college majors titled ‘Undecided’!?!?!? You mean to tell me that I can carry on without a clear direction of where I want to go!!! This seems dangerous and risky if not monitored very carefully.

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