Get in the iPhone 4 Business

It is finally here…the iPhone 4! (Cue the music)

If you were one of the lucky few to actually get your hands on this SUPER phone, you know it was worth the wait. Ok you may be asking yourself, “Why is an iPhone 4 post featured on a blog that is financial freedom focused?”

Valid question…I have two answers for you:
1. There are potential income generating business ventures that the new iPhone 4 features allows innovative developers and accessory manufactures.
2. Quite honestly, I just love Apple products (there I said it).

Let’s explore reason #1 a little further. By adding multi-tasking to the iPhone 4’s capabilities, app developers have way more possibilities for creating applications. One very simple but notable app idea is allowing for turn-by-turn directions to continue even during if you receive a phone call while you are traveling (sorry, no need for the Garmin or Magellan hardware now).

Now let’s take it a little further, imagine if the apps could work together and share information. What if you could overlay your OpenTable app and your Groupon app over your Google Maps and Google voice app. So the next time you thinking of places to eat in the city, you can find out where the best deals are to eat, and make the reservations hands free, while driving.

As a accessory manufacture there are plenty of opportunities as well. Because the iPhone 4 is a new design from the previous 3GS model, all holsters, cases, etc will need to be created to fulfill customer demand. So why not supply those customers, and cash in on that demand.

Remember money is just an idea, so be creative!


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  1. this sounds like you want to run Google WAve on iphone… Although you’re right thought.

    it’s interesting. Apple iPhone is like Facebook, in the sense that the product itself, became a platform for revenue generating for developers who chose to invest in it.

    yup.. yup…


    Posted by Maanist | July 1, 2010, 7:24 pm

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