The Concepts Behind The Ultimate Motivation Poster

In this blog I go through each one of the sayings on The Ultimate Motivation Word Collage so you can get a better understanding of how they can motivate you.

The Title: Money Is Just An Idea – This is the name of the site. It means that all wealth started with an idea and it doesn’t take money to make money, it takes an idea.

2ndShift – It’s the time of the day you set aside to work on your own goals and dreams. It’s coined 2ndShift because 1stShit is normally your 8-5 when you work towards someone else goals.

Choose Not to Fall – You can’t be fearful. If you choose not to fall more than likely you won’t.

Revenue Minus Expenses Equals Profits – Self explanatory, sell your product of service minus your cost and you will have some money.

Financial Freedom – Is to do what you want when you want. Everyone wants to be financially free. To be able to wake up and do whatever your heart desires.

Goals – When you want a goal you only pursue it until the desire subsides. but if your goal is a must have, a burning need, it becomes a life focus. You can’t just want a goal, you have to become so intimate with your goal that you can’t live without it. At this point you will have the motivation to get it done instead of looking back 3 or 4 months later and realizing you haven’t gotten anything accomplished.

Plan “B” Sucks – Everyone who hate their job or do not like what they are doing, we say this is your Plan B. It’s something you kind of fell into but isn’t what you really wanted to do. Here at Money Is Just An Idea, we give you the tools so you can make Plan A work. Your Plan A is what your dreams and goals are.

Work for Profits Not for Wages – When you work you can either swap your time for money i.e. working for wages or you can work for profits. When you work for profits you are no longer trading a finite resource, your time, for money. Working for profits allows you to build wealth where as wage working only allows you to survive.

Cash Cow – Cash Cow is the process of putting a business model around your passion so it can become your profession. We hear many people say I know what I’m passionate about but it doesn’t make any money. Well Cash Cow is turning your passion into your profession.

Life is Choice Driven – Life is choice driven, you live and die by the choices you make.

Go Hard – Go Hard is reaching the point where you are willing to do any and everything that it takes to be successful. You have to be willing to sacrifice. If you tell yourself nothing will get in your way, you are going hard.

Entrepreneurship – Simply starting a business and working for yourself

Multiple Streams of Income – Stock market, real estate, and venture capital are all different ways of making money. We preach multiple streams of income so you wont be dependent on just one type of income.

Embrace the Struggle – In anything you do struggles will come, so we like to say embrace the struggle. Understand that this is only temporary and its apart of a bigger picture. No pain no gain.

A Brand is… – A brand is what the world knows about your product and marketing is how they found out. Your perception is your brand and you have the ability to mold or shape how people perceive you and/or your product and service.

Ah-Ha – The moment when everything comes together in your mind and it all makes sense.

The Broke Vs. The Rich – This is a poem I came up with. It talks about the different mentality between those who are broke and those who are rich. There is a difference.

Go Viral – Creatively spreading your brand to your customers. Using social media, the internet, and the press to get everyone to know about your product.

In the Game… – In the game of life are you a player, fan, or commentator. Are you watching other people live their dreams, talking about others lives their dreams, or are you living your own dreams out?

I Will Not Lose – I got this from Anthony Hylick @equbed. We end our conversations saying we won’t lose, period point blank.

You are either working towards…– You are either working towards your dreams or working towards someone elses. You spending more time on Plan B or Plan A?

Flame On – The moment you let go of every excuse and jump, no safety net. This is where you believe in yourself. You will not always have all the answers or have the whole plan mapped out, but you have to go from just talking about your dreams to actually doing something. And Flaming On is that moment when you just say I’m going to do it, lets go!

Assets Vs. Liabilities – You either building assets or liabilities.

Role Play – If you haven’t mentally achieved your goal then it’s not realistic. We tell people to visualize or go through role play exercises on what you want to do and how you are going to get there. Because if you can not see yourself mentally achieving a goal then how can you physically do it?

Maven Up – Become an expert in a particular field of study. You have to be knowledgable about the field you are going into so learn everything and anything there is to know.

In Order to Succeed… – In order to succeed your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. There are always to opposing forces going on with you, the want to not do anything because of what might go wrong and the want to accomplish your goal. One is going to win, so make it that you want to succeed more than you fear failing.

Success or Death – You should either want to succeed or die trying.


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