4 Steps to making your New Years Resolutions come true!

Around this time of year everyone is talking about this grand resolution they are going to make to turn some part of the life around. It happens every year, but the interesting thing you will find when you talk to people is that their past 3 New Years Resolutions have been the same, so what is the problem. How come you did not get it right the first time, or the second for that matter. I talked to one of my good friends and she said her New Years Resolution was to get a consistent workout plan for next year and lose 10lbs. She then went on to say, “Well I had the same one last year and I ended up gaining 5 lbs.” I then began to ask questions and we figured out that she has a hard time sticking with things for long periods of time. She had brought a year membership to LA Fitness and went consistently 4 times a week during the first 3 months….Then just stopped.

I am proposing a universal New Years Resolution to all: I propose that your 2010 resolution be to figure out what has stopped you from completing past resolutions, and fix that weakness. Then work on last years resolution and if you get those completed you should have more confidence to make and complete goals on a regular basis and not have to wait for a new year. Below I have outlined a good way to revisit your goals and get it right this time. This has always worked for me.

1) Write your goals down. Harvard study shows that people who write goals down are 10x more likely to accomplish them.

2) For each goal, add an ‘or else’ scenario. Vividly imagine the consequences of not sustaining your change.

3) Speak your goals and tell them to other people so you can be held accountable.

4) Do visualization exercises where you sit down for 10 mins and in detail visualize yourself accomplishing your goals.

Not only do you have to have goals, but you have to directly experience yourself as capable of reaching those goals. Some may look at these exercises and say why am I doing this when I can just set a goal and achieve it. If you can do that, I say great, but for most people you have to nurture your goals. Think about them, discuss them, and make them personable. You have to get to the point where it becomes a burning need to achieve your goal and not just a want. So as we go into 2010, try to do more with your goals outside of just making it a New Year resolution.


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