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Grinding vs. Clocking


Ok, you are finally ready to start putting in the efforts needed to get your goals accomplished. You figured out your 2nd Shift hours and now it’s time to get to work. After a couple of sessions you look back and realized you haven’t gotten a lot done. Why is this? Because you may be clocking hours instead of grinding.

One trap that we often fall in is just clocking hours. It comes from our 9-5 jobs. We get to work, clock in, then we start talking to co-workers, surfing the web, listening to music and so forth. Even though we are getting paid for the time, we aren’t being that productive. However, when you start working on your own, the only hours that count are the ones when you grind and not clock. When you grind, you start seeing progress. You are focused at the task at hand and being efficient. So next time you sit down for 2ndShift, don’t just sit there and clock hours, but make those hours mean something by grinding.


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