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Healthy stress diet keeps you FIT


Stress is so often looked on as a bad thing, that people have looked past the good things stress can bring. But before I get going let me clarify that I am talking about the good stresses in life, and yes there is such a thing. The stresses that so many of us try to get away from are going to the job everyday that you hate, having to complete a ton of school work in short periods of time for a class you care nothing about, etc… The stresses that should not be grouped in this category are naysayers telling you that you can’t do something, mentors pushing you to the limit to complete something they know you can do, you pushing yourself to work out so that you can fit in that bikini you bought for spring break, etc….

Those types of good stress are things that you can build off of and things that you can use to make you stronger. A healthy amount of these things can keep your muscle (your brain) in tip top shape and FIT.

F – Focused

I – Inspired

T – Tough

When you are pushing YOURSELF to complete something YOU want to complete, it keeps you focused and inspired even though you may be stressed because of it. And having criticism along the way (negative or positive) gives you that extra push and keeps the pressure on you to prove everyone wrong and builds mental toughness.

Don’t quit and complain about your stresses, rather use them weights to stay FIT!!


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