TGIM – Thank God It’s Monday

When Thursday rolls around you start to hear chatter increasing around the office and people begin to get excited because tomorrow is Friday. Then when Friday comes, everyone screams “Thanks God Its Friday!!!” The weekend goes by and while Sunday is coming to an end, you begin to hear, “Man it can’t be Monday already.”

Most people work to live and dread Sunday through Thursday and spend all those days waiting on the weekend to roll around. That is over half your week you are spending miserable. You can see how this can get really repetitious and tiresome really fast. In order to achieve great happiness in your life you have to learn to love everyday of the week as if it were a weekend. You need to choose a pastime that you can partake in for everyday of the week so that you have something to look forward to everyday. When Monday rolls around you should be screaming “Thank God it’s Monday”.

If you hate your job the only way to really achieve this it to QUIT!! But I do not recommend this unless you have a passion and a plan to supplement your income. To help you with this read I Don’t Know what I Love and Defining What you Want and contact us if you need any further motivation or assistance.


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