Circuit City Bankruptcy

As many of you may know, Circuit City has filed bankruptcy and is liquidating all of their assets and going out of business. We would like to send condolences to anyone who has lost their job or who has family members included in the 34,000 job losses. This situation is a perfect example of the economic disaster that the world is currently in. At, we believe that this should serve as an eye opener: job security is a thing of the past and you must find ways to take care of yourself. But know that there are still thousands of ways to make money in this current recession. For example: Many would run from the stock market in a situation like this, but if you owned Best Buy stock when this tragedy was announced, your stock went up 10% and you MADE money.

We hope that this situation serves as a wakeup call and that everyone continues to read our blog and take heed to our advice. It is possible to survive this recession and come out on top, you just need to be pushed in the right direction, and that is what we do at


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