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Maven IG Ideas: Blogging

One of our ideas here at Maven IG, was creating a blog. As we became experts in particular fields of study and developed financial freedom, we realized our friends and family wanted us to teach them to do the same. So one easy way to do this was to keep a blog that taught what we have learned. Hence we came up with the blog you are now reading. First, we looked at our favorite blogs to gather insight on page layout and content. Then we researched the process on what we needed to do and put our plan in action. We launched the site on Jan 1st, and have made over $50 USD so far from our advertising. I say that’s not bad at all. Now, we are in the process of building out better content and our reader base so more people can become interested in financial freedom. Also, as a byproduct, we will be able to get better sponsors and hence more money. Man, and to think all this came from a simple game of cash cow!


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  1. Blogging is very profitable, spread the word about the site. I know i will!

    Posted by Branden | January 16, 2009, 11:28 pm

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