SUCCESS, where are you?

Everybody is looking for it, but what is it exactly? What is needed for you to feel like you are successful? Most people vision of success is not success at all. It’s more of an image of themselves if they was to have “made it” in the cliché sense. Their ability to buy what they want, go where they please, and being overly compensated for their works. However, success on the other hand really has nothing to do with money. It is merely being able to set goals and achieve them. Most people who look at their life from that stand point will already see that they are successful. So where is the disconnect? Do we really have to use a dollar amount to define success? I don’t think we should, but let’s examine further.

We can say if one has “made it” then they are successful across most people standards. Michael Jordan, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and President Barack Obama we can all easily say are successful. But what about the teacher who does an excellent job teaching 5th grade. That may be up for debate. I think the difference is our first group is easily distinguished as being at the top of their profession. If I was to say the teacher was a world recognized teacher, been on national tours, and wrote a New York Times best-seller then more people would chime in and say she was successful.

So Success, where are you? First thing to do is find out who is and was at the top in the field you chose to pursue. Basketball: Michael Jordan, Mathematics: Isaac Newton, Real Estate: Donald Trump etc. Then research these people and learn as much as you can about how these people became successful. Set your goals, so once accomplished you will find yourself at the top. At that point, you will have your success and a truck load of cash to go along with it!


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  1. This is good stuff…”Success is merely being able to set goals and achieve them”…I like it

    Posted by Eric Williams | June 3, 2009, 9:44 am

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