Part-time Job vs. Part-time Business

One way many people try to get an extra stream of income is to find a part-time job. However, this is nowhere near as rewarding as a part-time business. Businesses give you the freedom to set your own hours, grow and expand products/services, and the potential to make a lot more money than a job would. This is also something that most people can do in addition to their 9-5. The same way you would use your nights and weekends to work, you can set that time aside to do a part-time business. So, instead of finding a job you can work during your off hours, ask yourself what is a business idea you can do instead.

Take those same hours you were going to work a part-time job and use it for your business. Since you are your own boss now, you can set your own hours, but you have to make sure you stick with it. If you were going to dedicate 6pm-10pm Monday through Friday to a job, then each day at 6pm, you should clock in at your part-time business. This will give you a framework so you can stay focused and discipline with your part-time business. Most of us fail at part-time businesses because we do not discipline ourselves to work. It is a lot easier for someone else to tell us what time to be at work and what we need to do but we are not willing to do the same for ourselves. I challenge you to find a part-time business instead of a part-time job. Who knows, your part-time business may become a multi-million dollar empire.


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