Are you Stuck?

At certain points during our journey of achieving our dreams we tend to find ourselves stuck. Many of us when we set a goal, we will get to a point where we have applied everything we know but we still aren’t getting the results we want. You have everything except seed money to start your venture or you call every store manager trying to get your product on displays but no one is interested. What should you do? First thing is, NEVER GIVE UP!! Next, since you are still willing, you must stretch your mind. Only doing what is within our comfort zone may not always work when we are trying to reach our goals. Therefore, we must try something different. Tips on stretching your mind:

1. Bounce ideas off other people. A new perspective is always a good thing.
2. Push the envelope. Ideas that you thought were impossible or too far fetched, revisit them.
3. Do whatever it takes. Sometimes you know what you have to do but just haven’t been willing to do it yet.

The biggest thing about overcoming times when you seem to just be spinning your wheels without any result is to stick with it. There will be times of adversity but as long as you keep trying the only outcome is SUCCESS!


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  1. I can definitely identify with this post. Being a recent college graduate in a industry that I absolutely detest, I feel very stuck. I have been job hunting since I got my first job in 2007 to no avail. I will never give up though! This post just serves as affirmation that I shouldnt give up either 🙂

    Posted by Mya | May 1, 2009, 3:58 am

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