The 5 Most Common Reasons People Have Trouble Pursuing Their Dreams

Our last post dealt with the issue of people not being able to identify exactly what they are passionate about in life. Identifying that passion is the first crucial step in living your dream. Passion gives you traction in life. Without that passion you are like a car riding on ice; you may be hitting the gas but you have no control over where you are going.

There are a number of you who can talk about your passion, but still have not taken the necessary steps to pursue your dreams. Here are 5 of the most common reasons why I believe you have not stepped forward.

1. Some people have been discouraged from dreaming by others. I like to call these people, “haters.” A hater could be your co-worker, a friend, your parents, your extended family, or even someone who doesn’t even know you personally just hating because that is what they do. Most of the time haters tell you that you can’t do something because they tried and failed or they never tried and don’t think you should. Use haters as motivation to achieve, not as a hindrance. Lesson: Recognize that the higher your go in life, the more hate you will receive.

2. Some people are hindered by past disappointments and hurts. It has been said that Thomas Edison tried almost 10,000 ways to make the light bulb before he found one that worked. Take a minute to imagine trying something 10,000 different times! Some people would consider those 10,000 tries all failures. But when Mr. Edison was asked about all the failures he said he never failed he just found 10,000 ways NOT to make the light bulb. Lesson: You never fail until you stop trying.

3. Some people get in the habit of settling for average. Settling for average can be a form of laziness and fear. When you settle you never know what you are truly capable of achieving. Imagine if Michael Jordan settled for simply winning a collegiate title with UNC, and had not entered his name in the NBA draft. He would have never truly known what he could accomplish in the NBA 0r become arguably the greatest player in the game. Lesson: Average is the best of the worst and the worst of the best.

4. Some people lack the confidence needed to pursue their dreams. If passion is the traction in life, then confidence is like the gas. You can have a brand new car, but if you don’t have any gas in the tank you won’t move anywhere. When you are low on self-confidence you will need someone or something else help fuel you up. Ways to gain confidence are by reading positive re-enforcements, having people around you that motivate you, or even simply by reading about other people’s achievements. Whatever you need to do to get inspired you will help you gain more self-confidence. Lesson: If somebody did it before, you can do it to.

5. Some people lack the imagination to dream. John Maxwell said, “Imagination is the soil that brings dreams to life.” If you are going to dream, might as well dream big. Be different, there is only one you in this entire world! You are a one-of-one, meaning there was nobody exactly like you before, and there will be nobody exactly like you to come. Lesson: Forget thinking outside of the box, think, there is no box.

Remember, your dreams will only happen if you make them happen.


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