It was the best of times,
It was the worst of times…

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens is a classic novel set during the French Revolution in London and Paris. Though the story itself is not necessarily relevant to us right now, its opening line accurately depicts the times we are living in.  For those of us who choose make it so, this is the BEST of times, while for others it is the WORST of times…

Please understand that I am truly sympathetic for those who have been on the bad side of the economical nose dive that plagues nations around the world. But, no matter the circumstance, you ALWAYS have a choice…do NOTHING and allow it to shape your life…or do SOMETHING that can change your circumstances. Read that last sentence again, I will wait while it soaks in…

Whether or not you agree, understand that in these times when confidence in the system is down, panic is ramped up on the news, and when outlooks on the near future look bleak, human emotions will try to take over. When you allow emotions to take over, financial intelligence disappears. The KEY to being SUCCESSFUL is to be flexible enough to respond aptly to whatever change comes your way – to be able to respond and make a good thing out of anything. Is that an easy thing to do?  No.  Is it necessary?  You better believe it.  So, in times of panic or even exaggerated excitement, don’t allow your emotions to out weigh your financial intelligence.


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It was the worst of times…”

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