Maven IG Profile: Jessica Carter

Name: Jessica Carter

Age: 22

Company Name: First-Bite

Date Started: March 1, 2009

Maven IG: How long have you wanted to start your own business? I’ve had other ideas for businesses (that still may come later) for a few years now. The blog idea just came about at the beginning of the year.

Maven IG: Why did you choose the business you are in? It related to my passion—cooking—and it was a fun way I could get others involved

Maven IG: What did you feel was holding you back from starting your business? I didn’t think I was “expert” enough to review restaurants, and didn’t feel that people would care to read my opinion.

Maven IG: Who or what was it that gave you that final push to start? Boredom really. I kept saying I needed a hobby and had this idea for a blog and with some pushing encouragement from Mario, I finally decided to go ahead and get started.

Maven IG: How did MoneyIsJustAnIdea help you in creating your business? The success of their blog showed me that surprisingly, maybe people do care about what I have to say.

Maven IG: What resources did you use? Omari helped me with some technical issues and Mario gave some design input. and have great customer service and help forums as well.

Maven IG: What advice would you give to anyone out there trying to start their own business? I could put a lot of clichés here—just do it, grab your dreams, failure is the best teacher, etc, but really, it’s just fun. I love cooking and eating, so at this point it almost doesn’t matter if people read the blog, I really just enjoy doing it. Since it’s something I’m passionate about, there’s no such thing as failure.


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