Are you Average?

Everyone complains that there is not enough time in the day to pursue your dreams, get extra stuff done, and so forth. A common excuse is, “I wish there was just more time in the day!” Understand, everyone has the same amount of time in the day, 24 hours! The President of the United States has much more to do than you, and he seems to get it done, so why aren’t you. Let’s look at why?

A breakdown of an average person’s day looks like this: Wake up before work, get themselves and their kids (if any) ready and then go to work. Work all day and go home. On the way home they may pick up groceries, kids and so forth. They then get home, eat dinner, clean-up, watch TV, and get ready for the next day. They go to bed and live each week waiting for Friday. Over the weekend, their life doesn’t change that much. Friday evening consists of just staying up a little later to watch a movie. Saturday morning they wake up later than they would on a weekday, then clean-up and work around the house. They may even go a step further and go out to the mall or get together with friends. Sunday is spent more family oriented. Church in the morning and a home cooked meal. Around 6pm they start groaning over the next week and watch more TV.

A non-average person’s day is a little different: Wake up several hours before work to work out or get extra task completed. Then they get themselves and kids (if any) ready for the day. This person may or may not have a 9-5, but either way it is aligned with their passion and long term goals. Around 5 or 6 pm, they may take a break to handle personal task and to eat, but once they get home they are following up on their goals. Instead of watching TV, they are reading books or researching. They end each day later than the average person and make sure they look over their goals before lying down. They are not waiting for Friday and believe each day brings new opportunities. Over the weekend, they wake up at the same time as during the week and fill their life with a lot more task. Whether it’s for pleasure or for work, they go hard in every activity. Living in each moment like it’s their last. Sunday morning is spent at church or reflecting with family and the evenings are spent evaluating the previous week and preparing for the next. They understand plan, execute, evaluate and stick to it on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. They are always looking for progress.

The big difference between an average and non-average person’s day/life is what they do in their spare time. A non-average person aligns his/her daily task with their dreams, goals, passions, and ideals. The average person stays frustrated because their time is not spent accomplishing their dreams. If you stop making excuses, do what you love, you will change what you do in your spare time. For those who think they don’t have the spare time is not prioritizing correctly. A key excuse is, “I have to work 2 jobs just to keep food on the table for me and my family. I do not have any spare time!!” Yes you do, prioritize, change your mind, change your life, and you will have some spare time. All great people do this! GO HARD and FLAME ON and you will like your results!


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  1. O, you know I love this posting!

    Posted by Nesha | April 8, 2009, 2:52 pm
  2. This is a great one, for sure! I’m bookmarking this one to read every morning. Great motivation! Thanks!

    Posted by Jon | April 26, 2009, 10:25 pm

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