Maven IG Profile: Mario Taylor Sr.

Name: Mario L. Taylor Sr.

Age: 45

Company Name: SPOTLESS DETAIL LLC. (Where no spots are left behind)

Date Started: 2005

Maven IG: How long have you wanted to start your own business? I’ve always wanted to start my own business since I was about 10 yrs old.

Maven IG: Why did you choose the business you are in? I chose the car wash business because I love cleaning cars. Cleaning cars relaxes me and I love to see the faces of the owners when they see their vehicle after I’ve cleaned it.

Maven IG: What did you feel was holding you back from starting your business? I think the biggest thing that was holding me back was FEAR! The fear of failure.

Maven IG: Who or what was it that gave you that final push to start? The Word of God says Faith without works is dead! So I started to do what ever it took to achieve my goal as a business owner.

Maven IG: How did MoneyIsJustAnIdea help you in creating your business? MoneyIsJustAnIdea has inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams no matter what it takes to achieve it.

Maven IG: What resources did you use? The tools from the Ventures page on MoneyIsJustAnIdea. My son helped me outline what items I needed to own and operate a legitimate LLC.

Maven IG: What advice would you give to anyone out there trying to start their own business? Never give up on your dreams no matter what, even if no one else believes in you or not.


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