Maven IG Profile: Jakita Thomas

Name: Jakita O. Thomas

Company Name: Real Talk on Relationships

Date Started: February 14, 2009

Maven IG: How long have you wanted to start your own business? I’ve started several businesses (I co-own an independent record label, used to own a videography company with my father, and own an announcement business with my husband). I’ve wanted to start a brand around relationships for at least the last 8 years or so.

Maven IG: Why did you choose the business you are in? My friends and I always talk about relationships, and many of them come to me for advice. They tell me that I ask the tough questions and really make them think deeply about their motives and rationale. They say I keep it real and they appreciate that and really trust my advice.

Maven IG: What did you feel was holding you back from starting your business? I didn’t think I had the time (what with everything in my life going on (work, a new mother, church, sorority, etc.), and I wasn’t sure that people would really want to hear what I had to say outside of my friends.

Maven IG: Who or what was it that gave you that final push to start? Truthfully, it was Omari. I mentored him while he was in undergrad, and it’s always great to see someone you know doing the damn thing, so he in turn, mentored me.

Maven IG: How did MoneyIsJustAnIdea help you in creating your business? It taught me that now was really the time to do it—this economy is so volatile right now and with companies laying off left and right, if you’ve got a side interest, the best thing to do is to turn that side interest into a viable money maker and work for yourself. Reading the posts on inspired me to buy a couple of books and just do it! I got my blog started two weeks after coming across the site.

Maven IG: What resources did you use? John Chow’s how to make money online, the Huffington Post’s Guide to Blogging, Blogging for dummies, and Omari turned me on to some great resources (including John Chow’s blog).

Maven IG: What advice would you give to anyone out there trying to start their own business? Seriously, just do it. If you’re waiting for the stars to align before you get out and do it, it’ll never get done. I think the best piece of advice I’ve learned is to do something everyday toward making your business vision a reality. Even if it’s just reading an article or researching demographics or whatever, just do something everyday that’s going to bring you a step closer to achieving your goal.


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  2. Great site with good sound advice….I love it!

    Posted by Esquire | March 24, 2009, 8:35 pm

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